About Us

We make learning cybersecurity fun!

ctfroom.com is a cybersecurity learning & training platform offered by CyberSpace Kenya, a program under Swift Intellect Limited. This platform hosts Capture The Flag (CTF) competitions for individuals and organizations that wish to run such a competition. We also have our own, FREE, CTF challenges available to anyone who wishes to test their skills on the various specializations such as web, mobile, pwn, reverse engineering and so on.

Our objective is to offer cybersecurity training to both newbies & professionals through our various Capture The Flag Challenges (CTFs), and advocate for CTFs as a frontier for cybersecurity training. By so doing, we will build a community of ethical hackers across the globe while showcasing the best talents that cybersecurity can offer.

In order to achieve our goals and objectives, we have partnered with some of the most iconic and prolific organizations in the world. These organizations share in our vision of developing the next generation of cybersecurity defenders.

We continue to look for more partners in media, law, private practice and other areas of business who wish to be part of this movement. We are open to more strategic partnerships and therefore welcome any person, organization or entity that wishes to work with us.

Our Partners