CTF Competitions

Ongoing Competitions

These are competitions that are either accepting registrations or are currently running.

Hack Fridays

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Hack Fridays is an initiative between CTFROOM, Fr33aks, and Kenya Bug Bounty. This is part of the October Cybersecurity Awareness Month activities aimed at building cyber capacity and resilience. On every Friday of each week, starting from the 6th of October 2023, we'll be releasing a free vault to our community. Each vault will cover different topics and areas of expertise. On each Wednesday, starting from the 11th of October 2023, we will be having a walkthrough session. The CTF will be hosted by CTFTOOM, designed by Fr33aks, and walkthroughs done by Kenya Bug Bounty.

Packet NInja

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The Packet Ninja Event is a series of network traffic analysis vaults that are aimed to quickly upskill and improve your network analysis and forensics capabilities. This series will see you work with Wireshark, TCPDUMP, Network Miner, and other tools to hunt for indicators of attack and compromise. The final vault will be a capstone challenge that will be followed up with a physical event to close the series. At the end of this, you'll get a certificate to showcase and validate your skills.

Application Security Bootcamp

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Application security refers to the practice of protecting software applications from potential threats and vulnerabilities that could compromise their confidentiality, integrity, or availability. It involves implementing various measures and best practices to ensure that an application remains secure throughout its lifecycle, from the development phase to deployment and ongoing maintenance. The primary goal of application security is to prevent unauthorized access, data breaches, and other malicious activities that could exploit vulnerabilities within the application. By addressing security concerns at the application level, organizations can safeguard sensitive information, protect user privacy, maintain regulatory compliance, and preserve the overall trust and reputation of their software. Participants in this bootcamp will get to learn about application security and everything that goes with it. The bootcamp is open to college students in Kenya.



Hosted Competitions